Stunning new diamond stock and special order recommendations. As always you have 48h of early access to book and reserve your perfect diamond.

If you are planning a December proposal it’s a good time to get the wheels turning.

Our orderbook for 2017 will be closed next week. We still have 283 engagement rings to finish up, and we never rush any work to ensure our quality stays at benchmark level;

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All but the special order options are available for viewing at our studios in Rosebank and Pretoria. If you’re interested in a special order recommendation we can get HD photos and video material over to you. You can schedule a studio visit here.

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This not a complete stocklist, but merely our latest shipment. For more diamond options, reservations, availability confirmation or any question you might have, please reach out on; .

All our prices include VAT as they should, and the diamonds listed above were still available at the time this page was posted.

*Diamonds marked as “Special Orders” (more info here) were imported for a specific customer. They’re listed to show you the scope of diamonds we source, and the very attractive pricing. The 25th of November will be the last day for special imports that can be delivered in 2017.

The other price brackets;

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