Why use the Poggenpoel™ Jewellery Studio?

  • We’re extremely picky about the designers we hire. You’ll be working with some of the best designers in the industry.
  • There are no extra costs for custom engagement ring designs.
  • No deposit is payable before you approve the final custom design.
  • We spare no expense when investing into manufacturing technologies. You” be receiving an absolutely world class product.
  • Although we offer a full money back guarantee if you’re not pleased with the final product we’ve never had a customer turn down a ring.
  • We can supply an extended list of references.

So… how do you get a quote on that dream engagement ring?

1.) You can send us a design/sketch/photo of the engagement ring you have in mind. Google Images and Pinterest are both great sources for ideas.
2.) You can visit us and have an awesome cup of coffee with one of our very capable staff members. We can run you through ideas and assist with the customisation process.

If you find any design on the internet you like – get it over to us! 99% of jewellery designs are not copyrighted in any shape or form so you are more than welcome to find inspiration wherever you wish.

Get In Touch:

  • Telephone: (012) 111 0525
  • E-mail: info@poggenpoel.com
  • …or just fill in the form below. A friendly person will get in touch as soon as possible.