15 Reasons To Choose Poggenpoel For Your Engagement Ring; 

1.) Buying an engagement ring is a very emotional affair. At Poggenpoel you’ll be assisted by people that have a passion for jewellery and thoroughly care about your experience. Our goal is to give you the best customer experience you’ve ever had. You can browse some testimonials here.

2.) No sales talk and pressure. We believe that the extra effort and care we place into every aspect of our business attracts customers. Instead of slick sales talk we’d much rather show you our products and available diamond options or have a designer sit in to conceptualise your ideal ring.

3.) Our prices are excellent. Having been in the diamond trade for more than 19 years, we’ve established very favourable supplier relationships. This boils down to great prices for the both of us. If our quote isn’t right at the top of your pile I’d be very surprised. You can browse our current diamond specials by budget here; R15 000R30 000R50 000R70 000R100 000+.

4.) We’re not trying to be the cheapest jeweller. When a jeweller’s competitive advantage is the lowest price you can bet on some active cost cutting.  

We don’t want inexperienced designers, old 3d printers and novice goldsmiths… we want the best.

We also have no intention of starting a search for the cheapest diamonds available. They’re compromised – poorly cut, milky, erroneously over-graded, unfavourable fluorescence etc.

5.) We’re growing and expanding (including the USA in 2017/2018). Next time you’re in a mall take a good look into the high-end jewellery stores when you pass them by. They’re empty 99.9% of the time. Prominent jewellers are closing branches all over the country. We’ll be around in 10 year’s time when that special anniversary comes along and you wish to upgrade your diamond. A lot of other jewellers won’t.

6.) We offer advice beyond the basic 4C’s (cut, carat, colour, clarity). Although we firmly believe knowledge is power choosing the perfect diamond takes more than a firm grasp of the 4C’s.

A few issues we believe are just as important as the 4Cs;

  • The accuracy of the grading certificate – laboratories do make mistakes.
  • Fluorescence – can be beneficial or detrimental.
  • Diamond luster. We only sell L1 (perfect luster) diamonds.  
  • The hue of colour – brown, grey, yellow.
  • The pedigree of the grading laboratory. We stick to GIA as far as possible. Locally we prefer DIA.

7.) We’re all for customisation. You want your design to be unique and we’re on board. Our designers have been very carefully selected and I can’t imagine another team being more capable.

8.) We work in palladium. Times have changed and all across the world white gold is taking a backseat to palladium. Unfortunately, the majority of jewellers in South Africa have no idea how to properly work in this metal. We’ve spent years mastering it. Personally, I wholeheartedly recommend palladium every single day.

9.) We manufacture on-site. Every ring is quality checked throughout manufacturing at various stages of completion. If we outsourced manufacturing we can only inspect  an end product and will have no idea if any manufacturing defects were covered up. There are also other benefits… If you need to resize your ring – we need an hour. Need a quick polish? 10 minutes.

10.) We use the latest cutting-edge 3D technologies for manufacturing. We have sourced nothing but the best modern manufacturing technologies from right around the globe to ensure we offer nothing but the best quality. Don’t settle for second best.

11.) We understand it’s a large purchase. Therefore we offer you a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. You’ll be satisfied though… promise. 

12.) We share information freely. We’ve built the largest resource of diamond and jewellery information in South Africa. Hop over to our blog that has over 25 000 reads per month.

13.) We’ll gladly give you credit for your old jewellery. We sell all old metal off to the refinery, but we’ll give you as close to the gold price as the refinery pays us.

14.) If you ever want to upgrade your diamond you’ll receive full credit for your initial Poggenpoel.com diamond purchase. Pick a higher quality diamond and simply pay in the difference. As easy as that.

15.) We never, ever walk away from our products. We’re very proud of what we do.

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