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Here’s how we offer the best diamond deals in South Africa;

99% of jewellers in South Africa don’t own more than 5 diamonds. The stock lists on their websites? Not their diamonds.

They list a compilation of local diamond dealer’s stock to which they’ve added a nice margin. Although everyone claims to have the best prices and be free from the dreaded “middle men” – they’re not.

With the vast majority (99.9%) of diamonds being cut in countries other than South Africa the supply chains looks like this:

International Diamond Cutting Factory (India, China, Botswana, Russia) -> International Diamond Dealer (India, Belgium, Israel, New York) -> SA Diamond Dealer -> Jeweller -> You.

Factor in that jewellers return most of their consignment stock to diamond dealers and you’ll understand why diamond dealers rely on generous margins on the diamonds that do sell through jeweller’s channels. It’s resource (capital, time and effort) intensive. There is nothing “direct” about this model. Typing “direct” on your website doesn’t shorten your supply chain.

At Poggenpoel we spend hours per day sourcing parcels of diamonds from the largest diamond cutting factories in the world. We are able to drive down prices with the volume of our purchases and through relationships we’ve been building for 19 years. I’m not saying we’re one of the largest buyers in the world but we do buy at a level factories see as “bulk”. We never return stock. Factories get immediate payment. We don’t buy on terms.

This is direct. This is how we get these amazing deals directly to your screen.

*If you’re looking for something very specific please reach out. You’ll be amazed at the quality of the options we can source for you internationally.

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