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Round Brilliant Deals

  • 1.50ct Round Brilliant G VS1 R13 900
  • 1.11ct Round Brilliant D VS2 R10 900
  • 1.01ct Round Brilliant F VS2 R11 900
  • 2.52ct Round Brilliant G VS1 R29 900
  • 2.11ct Round Brilliant E VS1 R30 900

Oval Brilliant Deals 

  • 1.50ct Oval Brilliant D VS2 R25 400
  • 2.10ct Oval Brilliant F VS2 R31 900
  • 1.39ct Oval Brilliant G VS1 R14 100
  • 1.20ct Oval Brilliant E VS2 R13 700
  • 1.06ct Oval Brilliant G VS1 R11 500

Cushion Brilliant Deals

  • 2.11ct Cushion Brilliant G VS1 R22 800
  • 1.51ct Cushion Brilliant D VS2 R17 400
  • 1.70ct Cushion Brilliant E VS1 R18 900
  • 1.39ct Cushion Brilliant E VS1 R20 900

Pear Brilliant Deals

  • 2.50ct Pear Brilliant  F VS1 R35 300
  • 1.45ct Pear Brilliant F VS1 R18600
  • 1.57ct Pear Brilliant G VS1 R16900

Emerald Cut Deals

  • 1.01ct Emerald Cut D VS1 R11 600
  • 1.30ct Emerald Cut D VS1 R15 900
  • 2.63ct Emerald Cut  G VS1 R24 900
  • 2.04ct Emerald Cut G VS1 R21 900


Engagement Ring Beginner’s Guide (Ladies Edition)

We live in a day and age where there is an abundance of information available at the tips of our fingers. Literally. 

We come across many women who simply have no clue what kind of engagement ring they’d want because there are just too many styles to choose from! Continue reading Engagement Ring Beginner’s Guide (Ladies Edition)

How are laboratory diamonds made?

If you’re starting your diamond engagement ring research in 2022, you’ll stroll onto a landscape vastly different from even a decade ago. 

Laboratory grown diamonds have become a viable recommendation and in turn choice for many couples during their search for the perfect engagement ring, or any fine diamond jewellery for that matter.  Continue reading How are laboratory diamonds made?

Are Laboratory Grown Diamonds A Good Investment?

Laboratory Grown Diamonds Investing

Is there a more emotionally driven purchase than that of a diamond engagement ring

Probably not.

So, to justify the often unexpectedly high asking prices for diamonds, they have been seen and sold as a decent store of value, or even an investment, for the last century or so.  Continue reading Are Laboratory Grown Diamonds A Good Investment?

The 4C’s of Laboratory Grown Diamonds


Did you know there are over 20 000 possible combinations of the basic diamond specifications: colour, shape, clarity and cut? 

It can be overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. 

This blog is a great starting point. Continue reading The 4C’s of Laboratory Grown Diamonds