Get to know our Jessica;

“This “Jessica” happened in one of those rare moments for us designers, where everything seemed to come together of their own accord. The design works with a simple “building block” motif that I would manipulate and duplicate to form a more complex pattern; then, by again combining them I got the lovely lattice motif seen on the ring. The spaces thus created begged of me to fill them with diamonds, and what could I do but oblige?

As always, amidst the intricacy of any design, the main stone has to be the strongest focus. I raised the diamond up to stand proud and let the band tuck in below it. I designed the setting in a minimalist manner to further accentuate the diamond and to add a balancing counterpoint to the very bold ring.” – Christo E, Designer.

Our Jessica engagement ring is displayed here with;

– Centre Diamond; 1,00ct Round Brilliant Diamond (excluded from price).  As with most designs, our Jessica can be manufactured for a broad range of budgets. As your budget increases, we can improve the size and quality of the centre diamonds we offer. Click here to view diamond options.

 Additional Diamonds; ±0,26ct VS/SI-clarity that will be perfectly colour-matched to your choice of centre stone. (Included in displayed price)

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