[dropcap]U[/dropcap]sing the very best in computer aided design and manufacturing techniques; we are now able to create custom jewellery pieces with detail and precision previously unknown to the local market. Pairing the latest cutting-edge technology we source from all over the globe with diamonds older than the human race itself we craft genuinely jaw-dropping, exquisite jewellery items.

CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Firstly, all jewellery designs are captured by a designer in the latest 3D-design software. Once the ring has been designed/captured in the software, it generates a high resolution photo-like image (rendering) of the ring. Rings can be viewed from all angles to make sure it is exactly what you want. Please note; this rendering is not an artist’s impression, but a computer generated image of the EXACT model that is going to be made, should you approve the design.

Although you might wish to come and visit us personally, this part of the process can be done from start to finish via telephone and e-mail (we regularly do it this way). If we conduct the whole process via mail you can really feel comfortable, we wil never ever sell you a badly polished diamond.

We kindly invite you to come and visit should you wish to do so. Customers find the technology very interesting, and it’s a great experience to select your ideal diamond out of our large inventory. You will also find it useful to sit down with a designer to exchange some ideas. We love see the look on a lady’s face when she first sees her custom diamond piece!

At this stage we will also give you an estimate of the time that the production will take. This can be anywhere from 5 days to around 10 days for very complicated pieces.

After you have authorized the production of your piece of jewellery we will ask you to pay a deposit of 20% to get the process started. This deposit is 100% refundable should you be unsatisfied with your end product (please see our NO RISK full money back guarantee for more information).

CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing)

Your computer captured design is then built into a 3D wax model; exactly as the finished product will look (it is a precise wax “replica”). Using DLP projection technology that cures a liquid wax with eye-popping detail and precision, your model is built layer by layer (25 micron at a time). When you pay us a visit you are more than welcome to view some of these incredible models. I’m sure you will agree the detail is unsurpassable.

Please note that the exact file you have authorized (in rendered image form) is sent to the rapid prototyping machine to build the wax model and therefore you will get EXACTLY the ring that you approved.

Once your model has been built in wax we will use that specific model to cast the piece in a metal of your choice.

Finally we set your diamonds in the piece and polish it up with the greatest of care.

Your custom jewellery piece is now ready for collection!

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