What’s the best time of year to buy a Diamond Engagement Ring?


(An extended version of our answer to an interview question we were asked by Beyond4Cs.com.)

Googling “when is the best time to buy a (whatever)” can save you a ton of money. Most industries have a time of year or month where they honestly discount prices for various sensible reasons.

Clothes are a great example. End of season sales often offer savings of well over 50%. Sure, the trends have changed quite a bit, but if you’re blazer or shoe shopping, next season will probably be more of the same. Continue reading What’s the best time of year to buy a Diamond Engagement Ring?

The Price Of A 2ct Diamond In South Africa

2ct final ch.jpg

After a tremendously successful 2016 where we saw the amount of transactions we closed in the 2ct diamond engagement ring market skyrocket we actively started doing market research to check the levels of service and prices other jewellers were offering to the public and overseas buyers (tourists and international inquiries). We have an incredibly high conversion rate… but you can’t possibly land every single transaction in a specific range, can you? And if you do… why?

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Not So Independent Diamond Grading Certificates


Welcome to one of the touchiest subjects in the world of diamonds!

OK – lets do it…

Most engagement ring shoppers are first time diamond buyers with a very limited knowledge of diamonds. Although most buyers insist on only buying “certified diamonds” these days that’s pretty much where the checks and balances end. At the end of the day – everyone just wants a great deal… 

So, a customer buys a diamond ring from a jeweller and rests assured since he received a legitimate looking Post-it™ note sized “independent diamond grading certificate” with his purchase. 

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Two Stunning Diamond Alternatives For Your Engagement Ring

Diamonds aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. We get that. For a wide variety of reasons, many engagement ring shoppers opt for precious gemstones other than diamonds every day. Setting the budget issue aside for a second, many folks (including my wife) genuinely prefer coloured gemstones to diamonds.

Diamonds are still viewed by many as the classic and traditional engagement ring gemstone, but there are strikingly stunning and practical alternatives that should definitely be considered if you aren’t dead-set on a diamond for your engagement ring. Most engagement rings that use gemstones other than diamonds for the main setting still use tiny diamonds as accents on the ring. This creates a stunning contrast that is favoured by many! 

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14 Amazing Facts About Diamonds

I’m pretty sure you know that diamonds are the strongest naturally occurring mineral substance found on earth. You’re not here for vanilla flavoured facts, are you? Here are 14 facts about diamonds you might actually find fascinating:

  • Diamonds were first used for industrial applications due to the strength of the substance. The ancient Chinese used diamonds to polish ceremonial burial axes made from ruby in the late stone age. Today more than 80% of diamonds mined are still used for industrial purposes and not for jewellery.

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