If you’re having a hard time making sense of all the engagement ring jargon and lingo used in jewellery stores – fear not. I just found this awesome infographic on Philippa Lund’s very spunky Instagram. Enjoy. 
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Some extra clarification…

*The “Clarity”-section seems very exaggerated in the infographic. My wife has an SI2-clarity diamond and I’ll bet you the stone (sorry Mia) you won’t find the inclusion with your naked eye. Stay at SI1 or higher just to be safe and your diamond should appear 100% clean/clear when viewed without magnification.

*Size wise I’ll also like to add the diameters to better help viewers grasp the size of the diamonds illustrated. The infographic was merely trying to emphasise the relative size difference between different carat weights.

Diameter-to-weight ratio of round diamonds;

  • 1ct = 6,5mm
  • 0,75ct = 5,8mm
  • 0,50ct =5,2mm
  • Just for interest’s sake… a 1ct diamond will cost you around 8 times more than a 0,50ct diamond of a similar grading. Double the weight, a 1,3mm extra in diameter and an eightfold increase in price. 

I wrote a rather comprehensive guide on the 4C’s of diamonds last year: “Buying A Diamond Like A Diamond Dealer”. Feel free to grab your copy HERE

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