The Wedding: Who Pays For What Again? (PART TWO)

In Part One of this blog series we discussed the “traditional method” of dividing the costs of a wedding between the bridal couple’s families. If you missed part one – check it out here. If the traditional split seemed a bit skewed and outdated to you… welcome to Part Two.

The average cost of a wedding has more than doubled in the past ten years. This doubling excludes the effect of inflation! The business of bridal has become a massive multi-billion dollar industry in a few short decades. Parents and couples are feeling the financial strain of paying the equivalent of an excellent college education for a single day of champagne and cake-pops. Websites like Pinterest have not helped with daddy’s little princess now seeing thousands of expensive details she can add to every element of her wedding. Oops!

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The Wedding: Who Pays For What Again? (PART ONE)


Do you remember the old Windows game “Minesweeper”? You’d sit down all excited, 99% sure you’ll be able to diffuse this simple puzzle. You stare totally focussed at the pixelated grey blocks on your screen for a few seconds and then click on any square that you feel comfortable with. BOOM! You accidentally clicked on a bomb and you are dead. Deciding on how to split the wedding bill is the Couple’s Version of real life Minesweeper. If you approach this explosive topic respectfully, trust your gut and avoid rushing a single step of the way you might get through this whole ordeal without clicking on a bomb of sorts. Finances are a sensitive topic to start off with – add “my baby’s wedding” to the equation and you’re in for one tough game of Minesweeper! Continue reading The Wedding: Who Pays For What Again? (PART ONE)