Laboratory diamonds are 100% real diamonds, that look exactly like their mined counterparts, but cost around a third of the price.

So, how does that translate to your engagement ring?

You literally get three times as much diamond for your money…

That’s a major upgrade!

As more people take the time to research and  understand what lab-grown diamonds are, it’s becoming a very popular choice for a diamond engagement ring or any high-end jewellery piece for that matter. 

These days; the majority of our engagement rings are made with laboratory diamonds! 

Laboratory-made diamonds are the future of engagement rings. 


Lab-grown diamonds (also referred to as laboratory-made diamonds, lab diamonds, man-made diamonds, and cultured diamonds) are as real as any diamond that has ever been naturally mined from the Earth. 

Laboratory diamonds are made in controlled laboratories that mimic and greatly expedite the natural diamond formation process from millions of years to months.  

Using the same ingredients as the Earth’s crust, this process yields true and real diamonds with their characteristic crystal structure, sparkle, fire and durability. 

Laboratory diamonds:

  • Share the identical molecular structure and composition of natural diamonds.
  • Visually indistinguishable from naturally formed diamonds. 
  • Cost at least 60% less than a similar natural diamond.
  • Are independently graded by leading diamond grading laboratories including the venerable GIA.
  • Are real diamonds and, as expected, test as such on digital diamond testers.  


Solely in their origin

Although lab diamonds have been made in a laboratory the finished product is chemically and molecularly identical to a natural diamond. 

To clarify this once and for all the Federal Trade Commission in the USA ruled in 2018 that lab-grown diamonds are just as real as any Earth formed diamonds. 

They are not imitations, synthetic substitutes or diamond lookalikes. 

The Price Of Laboratory Made Diamonds in South Africa

As with natural diamonds, lab-grown diamond prices in South Africa are scattered erratically from one jeweller to the next. 

But lab diamonds can offer irresistible value. 

From our research, the jewellers that offer lab-grown diamonds sell them at a discount of around 50% to that of similar mined diamonds. 

As you’ll see below, discounts to mined diamonds at Poggenpoel can creep up to over 80%!

High-quality white 1,00ct diamonds are priced from around R20 000. That’s an incredible value. You can view a list of our latest lab-grown diamond specials all with HD videos HERE.

Here are a few examples of how mined diamond prices stack up to that of lab-grown diamonds. 

From this simple table, I’m sure you can see the appeal. 

For now, I’m not saying that mined diamonds are overpriced. Mining diamonds is a significantly more expensive process than the current lab creation process. 

What I see in our studios though is that the vast majority of diamond engagement ring buyers opt for laboratory-grown diamonds due to the unrivalled value offered. 

I expect the demand for mined diamonds from the jewellery industry to nudge lower over the coming decade as the mass appeal of lab diamonds further snowballs.

What About Grading Reports?

Laboratory-grown diamonds should come with a third-party Laboratory Grown Diamond Report.

These reports closely resemble the certificates issued with natural diamonds, just with added and clear disclosure of the origin as you can see below; 

Example of a GIA Lab grown diamond report

The rest of the graded specifications like diamond clarity, colour, carat, fluorescence etc are all graded using the same scale and standards as you’ll find on natural grading reports. 

Most laboratory-grown diamonds on the market are graded and certified by IGI and GIA. 

Both are solid, trustworthy diamond grading laboratories that I feel comfortable buying and selling from. 


The formation of a single 1,00ct lab diamond consumes around the same energy used to make two Apple Macbook Pros. 

It’s not negligible. 

But when compared to the environmental impact and energy resources required in traditional diamond mining you’re in the green zone. 

You simply have to see them. 

Most couples that see lab-grown diamonds next to their mined counterparts make the shift and opt for a laboratory-grown diamond in their engagement ring. 

They look amazing

Find 30 minutes in your schedule and head on over to one of our studios. 

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I’m so confident you’ll fall in love with our lab diamond selection that I have a gift for the next 50 couples that visit us for a consultation; complimentary natural pearl ear studs. Perfect for every occasion. No strings attached.

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