Get to know our Ivy;

“I love the challenge of taking a classic design archetype and giving it a fresh spin. Most annoying design cliché ever, I know, but that is what we have with the Ivy. Your first impression is similar to any pavé or solitaire style ring – a style of ring that looks great on any finger and is always a good choice, yet from the side, you are greeted by something quite unique. The setting of the main stone is designed with interlinked strands that form both the claws and the support for the stone. I wanted to eliminate any extra bulk from the setting with this technique. The setting hints at floral inspiration, but I worked for a stronger focus on flow and motion.” – Christo E, Designer.

Our Ivy engagement ring is displayed here with;

– Centre Diamond; 1,00ct Round Brilliant Diamond (excluded from price). As with most designs, our Ivy can be manufactured for a broad range of budgets. As your budget increases, we can improve the size and quality of the centre diamonds we offer. Click here to view diamond options.

 Additional Diamonds; ±0,16ct VS/SI-clarity that will be perfectly colour-matched to your choice of centre stone. (Included in displayed price)

3 Ways To Find The Perfect Diamond At Poggenpoel Jewellers;

1.) Contact us and speak with a diamond consultant who will explain and advise on the available options within your designated specification or budget. You’ll also be invited for a cup of coffee at our jewellery studio.

2.) Browse our current diamond specials online. (These deals are excellent).

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