I’m sure you like morganite – but there will always be one soul who loved it more…

The famed banker JP Morgan loved it so much the gem was actually renamed from a lazy “pink beryl” to Morganite. Imagine that.

This gemstone’s accessible price and stunning appearance has made it a very popular diamond alternative for couples seeking larger and/or coloured stones to use in jewellery pieces such as engagement rings. Diamonds of a similar colour easily fetch hundred times more than their morganite counterparts. Morganite has made this very rare colour in diamonds accessible to a much broader market. Hooray!

Although far from indestructible morganite scores a respectable 7.5/10 on the Mohs scale of relative hardness and when properly cared for should hold up to many years of everyday wear and tear.  

There are 3 basic themes in which morganites can be set that really accentuate the stone’s unique colour variations;

  1. Set your morganite in an all rose gold setting. (Verrrrrrry nice)
  2. Use a white metal and create rose gold accents like claws/prongs.
  3. It will also look stunning in white metals like palladium, platinum and 18k white gold.


Pick An All Rose Gold Setting;



Our Elva design in rose gold (inspired by princess Catherine’s engagement ring). Price incl the morganite – +/-R15 000. The morganite in this image is a lighter peach hue. Morganite comes in various hues of pink-peachy-orange. 



Our Ellery design starts at R14 900 in rose gold – add in a morganite and you’re in for under R18 000. Take note that the morganite used in this image is of a more pinkish tone. 


Use Some Rose Gold Accents To Intensify The Colour Of Your Morganite



 The Egypt (our most popular engagement ring design for the past 12 months) can easily be manufactured with a rose-gold collet at the normal palladium price of R7 600. Add in that morganite and you’re just over R10 000 for this beauty.



Switching out the collet for rose gold on the Aquaria design transforms the whole look of the ring. We don’t charge extra for the rose gold collet so you’ll be in for under R9 000 for this beauty.


You Can Always Roll With A White Metal Setting – It Still Looks Magical



Any white metal engagement ring design like the Felia above will also look great with a morganite. No need to incorporate any amount of rose gold. The Felia as seen above can be manufactured for around R10 000.

Morganite Prices

As with diamonds and all other gemstones prices vary quite drastically on colour grade and the all-round quality of the stone. If you budget around R2 000 – R4 000 for the stone we’ll be able to supply you with something in the range of 1ct. If you find morganites at considerably better prices you’re not buying morganite… you’re looking at morganite coloured cubics or topaz. Still nice – but not the gem good old JP Morgan dreamt about every other night.  

If you’re interested feel free to mail us on info@poggenpoel.com I’ll gladly get a few quotes over to you.


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