Although we always advise gentlemen to get some form of girlfriend involvement/input when purchasing an engagement ring I know some folks prefer to keep it a complete surprise. Erring on the side of caution doesn’t mean the ring has to be dull and boring. Over the years we’ve identified a few styles that 99% of the ladies are fond of. None of these invoke a love-hate reaction and all these styles have stood the test of time. If you’re on a rogue mission these would be our top 5 recommendations;

The classic solitaire: Elliana

This setting makes no excuse for keeping the diamond the star of the show. If the appearance needs to be jacked up you can easily add a matching eternity wedding band. This is, and will always be the quintessential engagement ring.


A modern classic: Elin

If a plain solitaire is not your cuppatee we suggest that you spice it up with a slightly more elaborate setting that has small diamonds on the band. You’ll still be keeping it simple, but a tad more modern than the Elliana design. If you’re not using a top colour and clarity diamond the Elin is a good choice since all of the focus is not drawn to the main stone.


The halo: Leila

With all the halo rings around it’s easy to mistake it for a trend. Truth be told; the halo has been the star of the engagement ring world for over decade or so.

Although the halo of diamonds around the centre stone can definitely increase the perceived size of the main diamond, it’s more often intentionally used as an accent or design feature. This elegant feature has been so popular that it’s spawned a complete new class of engagement ring designs over the past few years and these days you’ll be hard-pressed to find a catalogue of engagement rings that isn’t dominated by the halo theme.


The trinity design: Arora

In its purest form the trinity design features a set of three diamonds as the main focus of the engagement ring. This usually boils down to a single larger diamond in the middle complemented by two slightly smaller diamonds set next to it.

Although the interpretation or projection of the implied symbolism differs between cultures and religions it remains a stunning, evergreen design-choice.

Keep in mind that since three larger diamonds are needed for the setting it’s mostly suited for medium to larger budgets.


The split-shank: Bea

Although this is a more elaborate design than the rest on the list the Bea has been one of our most requested designs over the past few years. The design can be infinitely adjusted to cater for any diamond shape. The Bea also works stunningly with a range of diamond sizes is offers a very safe choice when the plainest options won’t do.  

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