If you’re considering a laboratory made diamond engagement ring, questions about durability should sprout.

As a first step; Laboratory made diamonds are as real as any mined diamond. 

Having the exact carbon crystal structure as mined diamonds they share the physical properties such as lustre, sparkle and yes, supreme durability to any other mineral on Earth. 

Laboratory grown diamonds differ from mined diamonds in only two ways;

  • Origin:  Laboratory diamonds are made in controlled environments that mimic and greatly expedite the natural diamond formation process from millions of years to months.  
  • Price; Laboratory grown diamonds trade at up to 70% less than identical mined diamonds. 

Laboratory Grown Diamond Hardness

When it comes to durability… diamond, regardless of source, is the hardest substance known to man. 

In fact, all other minerals are measured to diamond’s benchmark hardness of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness;

You can literally dedicate 10 generations to sanding down Table Mountain with a diamond – the diamond won’t catch a single scratch. 

Regardless of how you spend your days; no daily wear and tear will ever scratch a laboratory made or mined diamond. 

Chipping & Breaking of Laboratory Grown Diamonds

Although diamonds are scratch-proof, they are not smash proof. 

If you strike a diamond with a hammer, chances are good you’ll crack it. Each to their own, but I hope you don’t move in circles where hammer -fights are a daily thing.

Lower clarity diamonds can have internal fractures that increase the risk that a diamond will chip or break when exposed to a direct, brash impact. 

Fear not, you can easily eliminate this risk by sticking to higher quality diamonds with clarities of SI2 and higher.


There is an infinite list of personal preferences and considerations when deciding between a mined or laboratory made diamond for your engagement ring. 

But durability concerns should be the last thing on your mind while pondering these two paths. 

Seeing is, really, believing.

I’ve never seen a bad or even neutral reaction to someone seeing a laboratory made diamond the first time round. 

Do yourself a favour and fix a time with us to view a wide array of laboratory grown diamonds in all shapes and sizes. 

You’ll be blown away.  

And who knows, maybe even find your perfect match!

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