A few short years ago choosing an engagement ring was a different (much easier) ballgame altogether.

You would have visited your local jewellery store and taken your pick from a dozen or two engagement rings. These days, thanks to the internet, and with special thanks to the Almighty Google Images and Pinterest you have access to literally millions of designs. You like halo designs? Great. Here are 100 000 ideas.

This gets very tricky very quickly.

So, how do you get en route to that perfect engagement ring design?


Ignore Trends (If You Can)


Every day we have so much external noise competing for our attention that we can be oblivious to the micro trends we are unknowingly echoing ourselves. Due to this daily bombardment of subliminal information it’s easy to mistake trend compliance for personal preference.

Your jeweller has seen many trends come and go through the years. Ask for his input on this matter. He will most probably be able to offer very valuable and somewhat objective information on the state of engagement ring trends and whether or not he thinks something is merely a fad.  

Filigree and vintage designs might be all the rage now, but a year from now… who knows? Most of the customers that visit us for ring remodelings have grown tired of the rapidly aging trendy designs of yesteryear. Trends don’t slowly fade – they crash and burn. Just think about tie-die shirts, camo shorts and the step-haircut.

You should be looking for something classy, timeless and elegant that you can be in love with for many years to come.


Maintenance And Cleaning Issues

All rings and jewellery need to be thoroughly cleaned from time to time. Some designs just need way more TLC than others. Small filigree-work looks stunning (curls and swirls), but these tiny gaps and spaces act as an overly strong “magnet” for a nasty combination of moisturizer, dirt and dust Sounds like fun yet? Remember to keep your practicality goggles on when browsing for designs.

If you don’t enjoy the mundane cleaning and polishing of your everyday items – opt for a low maintenance ring that can be easily cleaned and doesn’t appear dirty over-easily.


So, Tell Me More About Your Work And Hobbies


Hands are high wear areas – regardless of your profession… or lack thereof. Your engagement ring will get knocked a few times per day – you can bet your life on that. But, there are jobs and hobbies that are much harder on your hands (and rings) than others. If you have a more physically demanding job such as being a pre-school teacher, an ER doctor, a technician of sorts, etc (you get the point) opt for a more sensible ring without a thousand diamonds than can be knocked out.

Furthermore, if you work in very dangerous areas you surely don’t want to be sporting a 3ct diamond any day of the week. Please keep your everyday environment and safety concerns at the forefront of your design choice.


Consider Your Body Type

I’m not going to go all Fashion Police on you but there’s no denying that you need to choose a ring that compliments the shape of your hand. Miniature hands will be overpowered by a bulky ‘n chunky ring setting. And of course; tiny rings might get lost on larger hands.

Be honest with yourself and find a design that you feel confident will complement those pretty hands of yours. You don’t want to spend your days wondering if your engagement ring makes your hand look funny… or vice versa.


After All, It’s Still About Your Personal Taste


Ladies, an engagement ring is worn every single day, by no one else but you.  You need to have a ring that compliments your personal style and makes you feel nothing less than cherished, loved and beautiful. Just remember that over the course of many decades the practical issues of wearing your ring will outweigh tiny design elements you thought were cute initially.

We always advise ladies to find the simplest design they love – and go with that.

Gentlemen, you are taking a major risk by choosing a design without any input from the future misses. Why take a gamble on something this special? Please take a few minutes and read our short blog post on girlfriend involvement in the engagement ring design process.

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