Engagement Ring Shopping Tips From Professional Jewellery Consultants


A few short nights ago I was stunlocked by a fascinating radio interview with a car salesman discussing car buying myths and tips. First lesson; take the bare amount of extras – they’re completely worthless when you resell the vehicle. Second lesson; when you’re seriously (like, really really) in buyer-mode negotiate prices during the last weekend of the month. Most car dealerships have tough targets to meet and usually only make their targets with last minute sales they push through by offering considerable discounts to end-of-the-month-last-minute-buyers. Be the last deal.  

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Not So Independent Diamond Grading Certificates


Welcome to one of the touchiest subjects in the world of diamonds!

OK – lets do it…

Most engagement ring shoppers are first time diamond buyers with a very limited knowledge of diamonds. Although most buyers insist on only buying “certified diamonds” these days that’s pretty much where the checks and balances end. At the end of the day – everyone just wants a great deal… 

So, a customer buys a diamond ring from a jeweller and rests assured since he received a legitimate looking Post-it™ note sized “independent diamond grading certificate” with his purchase. 

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Problems With Palladium” – A Fairytale “

Why Do Certain Jewellers Badmouth Palladium?

The usual suspects… ignorance, spite and high blood-alcohol levels. 

Jokes aside, there seems to be some bizarre occasional badmouthing of palladium in South Africa by certain jewellers. It’s completely unfounded and I’d like to share my thoughts on it. 

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Two Stunning Diamond Alternatives For Your Engagement Ring

Diamonds aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. We get that. For a wide variety of reasons, many engagement ring shoppers opt for precious gemstones other than diamonds every day. Setting the budget issue aside for a second, many folks (including my wife) genuinely prefer coloured gemstones to diamonds.

Diamonds are still viewed by many as the classic and traditional engagement ring gemstone, but there are strikingly stunning and practical alternatives that should definitely be considered if you aren’t dead-set on a diamond for your engagement ring. Most engagement rings that use gemstones other than diamonds for the main setting still use tiny diamonds as accents on the ring. This creates a stunning contrast that is favoured by many! 

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The Best Time Of Year To Get Engaged

A little known, but super interesting fact is that Facebook reports significant peaks in both breakups AND engagements during the Christmas holidays and around Valentine’s day. What does a simultaneous drastic peak in break-ups and proposals tell you? People seriously reconsider the potential of their relationships during these times. So my dear friends, this Christmas someone’s at serious risk of getting a ring on the finger … or just the finger (goodbye hug). 

Engagement Season isn’t a rumour or just a catchy phrase – any jeweller will tell you that the two months leading up to the Christmas holidays are golden. We see great value in seriously considering the very real “Engagement Season” for your special moment…

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