A little known, but super interesting fact is that Facebook reports significant peaks in both breakups AND engagements during the Christmas holidays and around Valentine’s day. What does a simultaneous drastic peak in break-ups and proposals tell you? People seriously reconsider the potential of their relationships during these times. So my dear friends, this Christmas someone’s at serious risk of getting a ring on the finger … or just the finger (goodbye hug). 

Engagement Season isn’t a rumour or just a catchy phrase – any jeweller will tell you that the two months leading up to the Christmas holidays are golden. We see great value in seriously considering the very real “Engagement Season” for your special moment…

Ooooh That Vibe…


You know what I’m talking about! We all catch a fright when we see the first Christmas lights popping up, but we very soon surrender our reservations and ease into the exciting Christmas rhythm. It’s about more than summer suits, diet pills and gift-cards. Christmas is a time of year where we say thank you and try to reconcile and build our relationships with all of those we hold dear. The air is filled with intimacy, intentionality and anticipation. When it comes to engagements… anticipation is good. There is just a fantastic atmosphere in the air. Something you can, and should take advantage of! 

Opportunities. Opportunities Everywhere! 


During the year it can be quite challenging to get your girlfriend on an *out of the ordinary* romantic excursion without her smelling the proposal miles away. The holidays offer you days and days of vacant time you can use and abuse to execute your perfect proposal rather stealthily. A beach picnic, scenic road trip, romantic night away… nothing odd during the holidays. If trips like these during the holidays spark suspicion you better work on your year-round romanticism!

A Double Dose Of Family 

I’d bet good money that 9 out of 10 first calls after a proposal would be to a mother of sorts. After getting engaged couples usually draw near to family with celebratory dinners and get-togethers. Having the family around makes breaking the news of the proposal very intimate and exciting. Nothing says congratulations like an in-person hug or handshake. 

Also, if you plan on asking for her parents’ blessing (still a good idea), the holidays offer a more relaxed environment for this stressful chat. Since you are a knight in shining armour I can’t imagine you’ll have issues with her mom and pop, mom and mom, or pop and pop. I don’t judge.  

Warning: Be Weary Of Sales!


It’s always a good idea to steer clear of stores that are permanently on sale, but during Christmas season most jewellery stores can’t resist jumping on the (fake) SALE-bandwagon. If you are short on ideas for entertainment before the Christmas holidays, a trip to any mall will treat you to some amazing retail theatre. 

Original prices are inflated and then marked down to create the illusion of a fantastic bargain. You are just being duped! You might even be paying more for an engagement ring than you would have just a month ago… before the “fantastic” Christmas Sale. 

No sane business owner would ever run a 50% OFF sale during the time when demand for their product peaks. Imagine popular romantic restaurants offering massive discounts for Valentine’s Day reservations. That in-your-face “SALE” sign is just there to catch your attention and draw you into the shop. There are absolutely no bargains to be had. 

“Take it back now ya’ll” – DJ Casper, Cha-Cha Slide

Buying an engagement ring can take a few weeks so you need to carefully consider your timeline. You need to set a budget, choose a design, select a jeweller and get the ring size. This can be a bit overwhelming, but fear not – you’ll have us by your side! Our blog is packed with information and we are on standby to answer any questions. Heck, we’ll even give you some amazing coffee if you visit us just for a chat. An in-person meeting is always a great idea. Just give us a call (012 111 0525 or 011 334 0336) and we can fix a time. 

Just to get you going; a good start might be our massively popular ebook: “Buying A Diamond Like A Diamond Dealer”. It’s free and many customers have described it as invaluable!  Talk to you soon.