Simply put; you’re spending all of your money and none of your time.

Yes, the engagement ring will you cost you money, but if you want to impress her with how much you’ve spent you’re missing the boat. She knows exactly what you earn and overspending won’t cut it.   

There are literally millions of engagement ring designs online. You can bet your car she has a very good idea of what her dream engagement ring looks like. Now it’s your turn to make it happen.

Unfortunately there’s no “Dream Ring” section at any jeweller. You’ll have figure out what “dream ring” means to her. And then you need to find a jeweller that can turn her dream into a reality.  

In a recent study by 45% of grooms customised the engagement ring, either by adding custom elements or designing it from scratch. That’s how you steal her heart.

This exercise in making her feel like the queen of your world takes time and effort – not just a platinum credit card.