First of all, you’ll notice we’re not a store.

You’ll be strolling into a busy, but relaxed, studio with diamond consultants, jewellery designers and goldsmiths doing what they do best.

 We’ll offer you some coffee, worth saying yes to, and then you’ll be joined by a knowledgeable consultant and/or designer for a session.

 In the next 40 or so minutes we’ll take you on a tactile tour through diamond specifications, design possibilities and the best metal choices for your engagement ring.

 You’ll see the faint changes in colour as we progress through diamond colour grades. You’ll be able to feel the weight differences between platinum, palladium, and 18k gold. You’ll see the superior lustre of platinum group metals. And much, much more. With real examples in the mix, you’ll get a grip on diamond specifications long before the end of the session.

 Our approach is a complete 180 from what you would experience elsewhere.

 No fake “SALE”s or fictitious discounts on the spot. No promise of price-matching. No nudging you into buying anything but the perfect ring.

 What you’ll experience is a group of people trying to make the best engagement rings out there. As simple as that.

 know that if you take the time to visit us, you’ll leave knowing you’ve found your jeweller.

 So, where do our paths cross?

 Engagement rings are by nature a very personal affair.

 We’re here to listen, advise and then execute the design in a way that surpasses your greatest expectation.

 That’s it.

 To ensure you get the most out of your visit, consider the two main framing elements;

  a.)   Knowledge.

 Doing basic diamond research might deliver the exact opposite of what you’d imagine. If you’ve read a few engagement ring posts you’ll have a ton of questions. I’ve made a short reading list for you below and I strongly recommend you work through at least a few articles. That way we can get into deeper waters during your visit.

 b.)   Budget

 I understand disclosing your budget to a stranger who hopes to sell you a diamond engagement ring might be uncomfortable.

 We had a gentleman here a few months ago, and as fate would have it I spotted his car as he parked. Being a car fanatic I asked him about the car and could immediately see he would have preferred me not seeing it.

 Towards the end of the session as we started discussing pricing, he asked if he was getting the best prices or Bentley prices.

EWB 7-8ths Front Whole Car_1920 x 670.jpg

 We had a chuckle and I assured him that I don’t see his purchase in isolation. I want him to send his Bentley friends our way, and to get to that we need to deliver a top-shelf product, and the value has to be phenomenal.

 When a consultant prepares for a session they cherry pick the best diamond options in your price range, run the designs past designers for feedback, and ensure that what you’re looking for can be executed properly within your budget. We take great in optimising budgets, but that excludes stretching budgets to a point where we must compromise on quality.

 If you’re looking for the cheapest jeweller to manufacture a design you have in mind, we’re probably not the best choice.

  •  We don’t work in 9k gold (yellow, rose or white) or silver. 90% of our work is in platinum and palladium, with the residual in 18k yellow, rose and white gold. *18k Gold contains double the amount of gold you’ll find in 9k gold.
  •  All our small round diamonds used in halos, bands and as accents are fully cut with 58 facets. Some jewellers argue that when a diamond is 1mm in diameter, the full cut isn’t needed. I differ.
  •  All our rings are set with genuine diamonds and gemstones. We don’t manufacture products that contain cubic zirconia or any cheap diamond imitation gemstones.     

 These are 3 low hanging fruits. I can write pages on what we do to ensure our products are top-shelf. You can just keep in mind – we don’t compromise on anything that affects quality.

 Here are the three main areas we’ll discussion during your visit;

 1.) The designs you’re interested in.

 If you’re set on one of our engagement ring designs as seen poggenpoel.com a consultant will help you find the perfect diamond and discuss minor customisation options to make it yours and unique.

 If you’re after a custom engagement ring design, we love having a designer join the conversation. These designers offer tremendously useful ideas, suggestions, and general input.

 You’ve seen our high-end work on social media and our website. The very same designers that created those stunning works can sit in on your consultation.

 I’m unaware of another jeweller who will give you direct access to their best designers.

 Common outcomes; 

  • Customisation is a good idea.
  • Creating a custom design is easier than you would imagine. With everything being handled in-house, you’ll know our obsession with quality will accompany your ring through manufacturing.
  • You’re in great hands with our design team. They “get ” what you’re looking for.  

design question.png

 2.) Finding Your Diamond.

 As mentioned; regardless of your level of knowledge nothing beats seeing (and playing with) the diamond colours, shapes and sizes in real life.

 Common outcomes; 

  • Online diamond colour charts are useless. Colours change very slightly from one grade to the next.
  • You’ll see that diamond colour is white up to around I and J. That doesn’t mean the colours just above and below I/J are bad choices… it boils down to your preference. Do you want the diamond ice white, or larger with a barely visible tint in colour? It’s impossible to judge without seeing the diamonds.
  • Diamonds look nicer when they’re larger (Captain Obvious here). With everything else in check, optimising for size is a good choice for 90% of couples.  
  • You’ll see none of our diamonds have visible inclusions. No need to worry about clarity.
  • All our diamonds are extremely well made. We don’t stock diamond cut grades other than “Very Good” and “Excellent”. No need to worry about the cut grade.
  • We’ve got your back.

*Here are 3 colour charts, all ranking very well in Google Images. See the lack of uniformity? The color “J” is a great example of being displayed white to prominently yellow. Regardless of your screen or brightness setting, these are all not fair representations of diamond colour…

Colour scale.jpg 

 3.) Selecting a metal for your engagement ring.   

 Engagement rings are worn all day, every day and it’s important to choose a durable metal.

 If you’re looking for a rose or yellow gold ring your best (only) options are 18k gold.

 For a white metal (silver in colour), we prefer using the platinum group of metals.

 We’ve been advocating the use of palladium for years, and at time of writing platinum was a mere 5% more expensive per gram than palladium. You can’t go wrong with either.    

 Common outcomes; 

  • 95% of white gold shoppers convert to palladium. It’s a nice colour and way more durable.
  • With the platinum and palladium price being close to equal, the upgrade to platinum might make sense to you. Platinum will always be the ultimate and most luxurious metal choice.

 What should you bring along?

 Prepare a file, screenshots or Pinterest board with a few designs that you like. It really helps to see what style you love and then work from there to make it uniquely yours.


 Ladies and gentlemen; please consider making it a couples’ trip. It’s great fun, and won’t spoil any surprise. It just builds the anticipation. Here’s why we think a girlfriend should join you on your visit to Poggenpoel (link)

 We’ll need a ring size for manufacturing, so if it won’t be a couple’s visit try “stealing” a ring she frequently wears. If you feel awkward doing this we’ll give you a few sneaky tricks to use when you get home. Take a look at our e-book; “The Ninja’s Guide To Getting The Ring Size Right(ish)”.

 Exciting times!

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 Here’s your recommended reading. Work your way from the top to bottom and make notes of any questions you have as you move along. If you’re done after one or two – no worries. You’re already light years ahead.  

Kind Regards,
Johan Poggenpoel, Co-Founder. 

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E; info@poggenpoel.com
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