It’s that time again. We’ve scoured the social web and found the 5 most popular and trending themes in engagement ring designs during April 2019.

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More than 80% of the engagement rings we craft are pieces of custom jewellery. So, we see a lot of photos, ideas and sketches running through our studio. The strongest themes this month;

  • …call a rose by any other name…” said Shakespeare. Many ladies still prefer rose gold to their white and yellow counterparts. Complimenting a wide range of skin tones and style, rose gold engagement rings and gents bands have been flying through our workshop. They don’t even leave a trail of petals behind.
  • When we get to diamond shapes; although round shapes are still in the #1 spot – oval cuts are very, very popular, especially for designs with a vintage undertone.
  • Overall, simplicity seems to be making a strong come-back, which is a good thing.

Without further adieu…

Oval Solitaire – The Pretty “Belinda”

Belinda Final
Chris Andrews had a woman in mind down by the river when the pop song came out in 1972. Her name was Pretty Belinda. Like the song, our Belinda is a timeless classic. Her main diamond is a delightfully large oval cut with a bright shine and 4 claws. Belinda likes to hold a more prominent size diamond as this compliments her simplicity well. For her ring band and side profile we’d love to work with you and add some detail and personal flair. You can get in touch here

The Double Halo- “Ivette”
Final Blank 1300 x 600 Ivette
Our Ivette is the rather toned-up-lustrous sister of the Belinda (above). By adding not one but two halos, you are visually adding more oomph as well as spicing up what is known as a conventional single-halo engagement ring. The Ivette consists of a three-tier side profile with small diamonds on the halos and ring band. Both enhancing your center diamond, whatever your preference in size may be. Although this ring speaks glamour and luster, it’s quite light on the eye and on the hand. If a single halo seems a bit less dramatic, take a look at our lovely Franci.

The Vintage Sweep Claw – “Jana”
Final Jana by Poggenpoel
I just love this timeless design. In our “Jana the center oval diamond takes the first tier with diamonds that are round and pear-shaped, adding a second and third tier to the design. This design touches that vintage feel infused with a sleek sweep of the claws holding onto its diamonds for dear life. Now the eye can flow like water, trickling downstream while observing the gleaming effects of the side diamonds before the band of the ring takes shape.

The Classic Vintage – “Jane”
Jane Final
The “Jane” at first glance looks like a classic vintage six claw solitaire with a line of small diamonds encrusted down the shank and finished off with mill-grain to add that extra dazzle.

However, upon closer inspection it reveals that fine detail has been applied to the setting of the diamond, introducing a fresh modern-esk vintage style engagement ring that is rich with form and dimensions. Still light and airy all the way. For a more contemporary feel, the mill-grain can easily be omitted. Click here to have a word with our designers for more ideas. 

The Romantic Cushion Halo – “Jae”
Final Jae
Our “Jae” ring has a big fan base. People like her for being soft on the eye with her alluring halo of diamonds that embrace and accentuate her center diamond. A cushion halo ring always looks fantastic.

Somehow both intricately classic and simplistic, the cushion cut’s dimensions allow for dainty flows and/or sleek streamline details. The Jae is a timeless classic in our workshop.

As you’ve seen, close to any theme can be weaved into another. Even if an engagement ring is simple – it doesn’t have to be vanilla. This ring should be uniquely you, and an off-the-shelf ring shouldn’t do.

Visit one of our studios in Rosebank and Pretoria and have a pressure-free chat with one of our designers. I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with what we bring to the party. There’s no better design team on this planet. And that’s being modest. 🙂

Get in touch today via or your preferred channel for quotes, information and answers to any question you’re sitting on. 

Take care. 

Johan Poggenpoel

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